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Carolyn Eichhorn


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Behind the Author

Carolyn Eichhorn has loved mystery and thriller fiction since she discovered Nancy Drew as a child. Now she writes her own twisty fiction. Her short stories been published by Wildside Press, Oscillate Wildly Press, Gimmick Press, and Cat and Mouse Press. She won the Plant Hall Spooky Story Contest and placed in the Tales of the Dead event.  Her collection of short stories, Ten Dysfunctions of My Teams: Distressing Tales of the Cubicle Bound is available through Amazon.

She's currently working on a mystery novel series featuring ghost writer Gina Morrison.

Carolyn lives in North Carolina.

Check out her blog and podcast below!

"The Ski Lesson"

Malice Domestic Anthology 2023

First Place Winner
Beach Mysteries
Cat & Mouse Press

Available now!

Carolyn Eichhorn's short story Thalassotherapy takes first place in the Rehoboth Beach Reads contest sponsored by Cat & Mouse Press and Browseabout Books. Pick up your copy November 8th!

Ten Dysfunctions of My Teams: Distressing Tales of the Cubicle Bound

Ten tales of mayhem at the office, scenarios worse than the communal coffee. Darkly funny stories for those confined in cube walls or open-plan office spaces, working alongside nightmarish colleagues or for unscrupulous companies. From corporate wellness challenges to awkward holiday parties and virtual teams, these stories will make you grateful for your own 9 to 5. Think your job is bad? It could always be worse.

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